Monday, July 17, 2006

Public sector stressed workers: constantly pulling sickies....

Here we go again, dreaded public sector workers not only greedy but pulling sickies faster than you can say hangover from Fiday night...

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have published a report which states that public sector absence is 25% higher than the private sector. Yet those damn public sector employers are less likely to discipline or dismiss employees due to absence from work. That is probably to do with trade union activity within the public sector fighting for workers rights. And there are better negotiated sickness policies in the public sector though in saying that, some employers are desperately trying to push through draconian sickness policies (Tower Hamlets). I am sure employers are just itching to sack employees without having to go through procedure and representation.

Public sector absence has fallen from 10.3 days per employee to 9.9 days. But work-related stress has increased by 2% from 2002 to 2005. Three in every five employees are stressed. The reasons range from: working longer hours, staff cuts and bullying.
Though the author of this report isn't interested in stress in the workplace or the reasons why people get sick. He states:

"Nonetheless, there does seem to be a cultural difference between how this issue is managed in the private and public sectors", says Ben Willmott.

I take that to mean, be more like the private sector where there is more bullying, sackings and ..... probably more stress. While the public sector have various policies negotiated with union involvement. How dare they, cries mister Willmott.

So, we pull sickies, get stressed, screw up our health and now we have to work until we drop! Oh super, the continuation of the daily capitalist grind. Working for the rat race/you know you're wasting your time... and stressing yourself out and getting to that grave a bit quicker every day.