Monday, July 17, 2006

Stropps takes over a blog :-)

Stroppyblog has a fine tradition of invading male leftie blogs . So egged on by Lenin , I have declared that one of Osler's posts is now an open thread !!

So while Osler is away, we can all play on his blog. Blame me when he returns :-)

We can rampage gleefully , shrieking even !

This can be the Stroppy 'naughty room' .

All are welcome ...

So Lenin can plug his blog and argue the finer points of Marxist politics.

Paddy the puritan can lecture us on the virtues of Yvonne Ridley and how immodest trollops will be the downfall of left men (but we are more fun).

Stroppybloggers, being immodest trollops, can defend decadence and talk about their underwear.

Sensible Adele, the saffy of the left, can leave the world of Nols(where Kinnock is a hero !) and listen to the ravings of young and old trots.
Update, been corrected by Adele. Kinnock is her personal hero. Off now to bang my head against a wall in utter despair :-)

Andy can try to engage Lenin on a debate on dialectics and shake his head at young lefties quoting Kinnock(thats not Lenin btw !).

Jim Jam can bring his kettle and chocolate hob nobs (where are you Jim, you have gone very quiet ).

Ed can pop over and try to be reasonable, whilst getting some splinters sitting on the fence .

Will can swear at us and call us fuckwits.

New bloggies Shiraz Socialist can pop in.

Apologies to those I have missed .

Osler will return and think WTF has stropps done to my blog . Think I might have some explaining to do ;-) Still I have posted a pic of another badly behaved women , Courtney, to make up for it !

So open thread it is.
oh but do still come here .