Friday, November 03, 2006

Peter Hain on democracy and Gordon Brown: don't make me laugh...

Contender for the deputy leadership, Peter Hain (wasn’t he once radical or have I mistaken him for someone else?) says that Gordon Brown would, “prefer a contest to a coronation”. But, “you can’t make it happen. It’s got to happen voluntarily, by democratic decision of the party”…

So Peter, are you gonna be nominating John McDonnell then, for the good of the party and democracy? Won’t hold my breath….

Oh and 3 cheers for the witless Hazel Blears as she may be another contender for the “Deputy Leadership Show”. Or should that be the Weakest Link?

How many is that now? I have lost count.

Bryan Gould on Tony Blair: "Tony has lost it, he's living in a world of his own, and - as most will say - he's deluded on Iraq."

But no mention of John McDonnell standing as leader. Wonder why that is…? Media censorship?!