Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Abortion Rights Resolution

Here is the text of one of the two resolutions that RMT is submitting to Scottish TUC Women's Conference. It's a good one. Never having been to Scottish TUC Women's Conference, I'd be interested in any informed speculation as to how it will be received! (Cat?)


“This Conference deplores the views of Cardinal Keith O'Brien who spoke out against abortions. He called on catholic politicians to use their political power and influence to change the law and impose their views on people who disagreed with them. Cardinal O'Brien said that the abortion rate in Scotland was equivalent to 'two Dunblane massacres a day'. He also took a public step towards coercing MP's when he said that catholics in Parliament should cease to take the sacraments of their religion if they did not obey the church.

The outlawing of abortion hits hardest at working class women. It was poor and desperate young women who risked and sometimes lost their lives in back street abortions.

Conference calls on the General Council and Women's Committee to condemn religion dictating politics and defend the right for all women to have the choice.”

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