Sunday, October 28, 2007

Arguments Against Socialism

Of late, we've been getting a lot of practice on this blog arguing with other lefties and amongst ourselves. It's high time to put those skills to use arguing with the right wing. So - following an excellent discussion I attended yesterday afternoon - here is a list of some arguments against socialism touted by right-wingers. The comments box is open for (attempts at) replies.

  1. There is no such thing as class (any more).
  2. Socialism means authoritarian dictatorship.
  3. Human nature is that people are selfish and greedy.
  4. Human nature also means that people are all different, and socialism would force them to be the same.
  5. Elites are necessary.
  6. Central planning won't work.
  7. Private property is the key to freedom.
  8. Socialism might sound good in theory, but in practice it has been a disaster.
  9. Revolution is simply destructive.
  10. The idea of a revolution is just fantasy.
  11. It's better to concentrate on making small but real improvements in people's lives in the here and now.
  12. The working class is not fit to change the world - the trade unions are dominated by sell-out bureaucrats and lots of working-class people are small-minded and even bigoted.

Over to you.