Sunday, October 28, 2007

No justice, no peace....

What has Christpher Alder, Brian Douglas, Sarah Campbell, Orville Blackwood, Rocky Bennett, Gareth Myatt, Zahid Mubarek, Joseph Scholes, Jean-Charles de Menezes, Harry Stanley, Adam Rickwood........and many more have all in common?
They have died at the hands of the state whether it was in police custody, shoot to kill policies, psychiatric hospitals and special hospitals.

This procession was organised by United Families and Friends Committee (UFFC) and Inquest. It is to remember people who have died in these circumstances. Every year (this was the 9th procession) the demos get bigger as more people die at the hands of state institutions.
There's a real poignancy, vibrancy and emotion about these demos as families and friends come together to show support and solidarity towards each other and to make demands on the state. Speakers expressed anger at the way Parliament ignored the Lords recommendation to include deaths in police custody in the Corporate Manslaughter Bill. Pauline Campbell (who I have heard speak many times) spoke about the number of women who have died in prison since the start of 2007 (7 to be precise) and the fact she has been arrested around 14 times for protesting outside hell-holes like Styal prison.
We marched to Down Street where representatives from the families handed in a letter to Gordon Brown. Flowers were laid outside Downing Street as well to remember the dead.

As speaker after speaker said: "No peace without justice"