Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Judgement of Paris

An 'ickle while back there was a post (read some of the choice comments esp. from a Southpaw Punch Esq.) about the illustrious nobody Ms Paris Hilton, who got into a tussle with the law 'cos she was pissed in charge of driving her car (rather like her mate Lindz Lohan), she tried to fight the law but the law...HA!..won!

Oh, the Schadenfreude! Oh, the humanity... Oh, and she found Gawd, can you believe, who was probably doing a hard stretch for fraud and embezzlement in the cell next door. Bless ya my child!

Anyways, what I wanted to say was that I received the latest exceptionally good mag from Women In Prison and there's some very good letters from real women doing long stretches in prisons and ex-prisoners who aren't impressed in the least at the way Paris was let off for rich....opps...sorry... meant that to say good behaviour. Double standards and having a comfortable class position in society.

Here is a letter from Susan (Cookham Wood).

"Money buys privileges and this was surely the case with Paris Hilton and the way she was dealt with. Ordinary prisoners have to go through the system and serve their time regardless of mental or emotional state, but this lady seems to have received a great deal of exceptional care, which makes one suspect that some exceptional money was involved as well"

Amen to that sister.