Saturday, October 27, 2007

Updated blog roll

At long last I have got round to updating the blog roll.

I plan to organise them into headings , but for now the new ones are added on to the end.

First off mnemosyne , which bills itself as the 'rants & musings of an uppity woman of color'.Sounds good to me. Thanks to Jim and Volty for drawing the blog to my attention.A quick look at the posts shows subjects on violence against black women, lesbians, John Coltrane , Charlie Parker and some campaigns that I must check out more. Its US based and , for those whose heads are starting to hurt, it does not mention Respect once !A plus point in its favour.

I have added some humorous blogs , they are Olly's Onions, The Daily Mash and Provisional BBC.

David Broder (one of those young smart arse AWLers) seems to be blogging again, so he is back. Modernity is added. Well he is one of our more regular commentators , so though I'd better give him a link:-)

Also added are Organized Rage, Renegade Eye, Splintered Sunrise and The Soul of Man under Capitalism.

So hopefully a good mix of blogs.