Friday, October 26, 2007

So many films to see, so little time....

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Last week and this week a couple of interesting films have been released. I am tempted by Cronenberg's Eastern Promises but I saw the trailer recently that didn't impress me too much as it was rife with stereotypes with bad accents! And I thought that Cronenberg's previous attempt at the more mainstream, A History of Violence, was magnificent (also starred Viggio Mortensen).

I also want to see the film, Blame it on Fidel (La Faute A Fidel), which is on limited release. The director is Julie Gavras the daughter of leftie director Costa-Gavras (who directed, Missing, an unforgettable political film that exposed American involvement in the coup to overthrow Salvador Allende in Chile).
Oh, and what we have all been waiting for has been released this weekend and that's Michael Moore's Sicko. A damning indictment of private healthcare and why the States needs a welfare state.
And finally, next week sees the follow-up to Shekhar Kapur's sumptuously filmed Elizabeth (so what if the historical facts were a bit out of kilter it was a pleasure to watch) with Elizabeth: The Golden Age (I doubt if they could have gone for Elizabeth II..too confusing). Cate Blanchett (Blanchett was robbed as she should have won the Oscar for Best Actress in 1999 not cry-baby Gwyenth in an ill- fitting pink Ralph Lauren dress) reprises her role as the eponymous virgin Queen and thankfully, Geoffrey Rush, who electrified first time around as deadly spymaster Francis Walsingham.

So little time..........
I was also pleased to read that the film Control has been nominated for 10 awards at the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA). The event will take place at the end of November. Good luck to new comer Sam Riley who played Ian Curtis he deserves the award for Best Actor..