Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Silver shoes

I have evidence that capitalism will go on for ever and ever because the likes of me who should know better keep buying useless rubbish. I bought a dress for three pounds! Which I was pleased with however I then to go along with it bought a hand bag at £28 and a pair of silver shoes at £30 then ear rings and a head band for £6! I know no matter what happens I will NEVER wear a pair of silver shoes again, though in saying that I used to have a pair of silver sandals that I had since 2000 (I wore them to Tommy Sheridan's wedding) but I gave them away to the PDSA last year only wearing them once. Guess what? This year silver shoes came back into fashion again so I had to buy another pair even though I know I won't wear them again!

Can't post a picture of silver shoes as it won't let me

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