Thursday, November 01, 2007

Saudi Protest

The protest last night had over 200 turnout and the amount of media interest it generated was huge.

I'm hoping that others that were there will post because its hard to get a good feel for a rally when your running around organising it.
But heres a few brief points. (on a seperate matter John A dont think we have forgotten that you think George Galloway is wonderful and expect a full post on that later :p)

All the speakers were good and spoke about the hypocrisy of the government and Peter Tatchell gave a very good speech on why we shouldn't be "sharing Values" with King Abdullah.

But Sandy's speech was inspiring and although I knew the details of the case hearing him explain how he was abused and tortured every day was really moving.

I also found out something I didnt know and that is our government overturned Sandy's right to sue the Saudi government for the inhumane treatment he received. So as it stands at the moment because of that case law any british citizen who is tortured abroad doesn't have the right to seek reparations because of diplomatic immunity.

Disgraceful and we also heard from Sandy's solicitor who is taking the case to the European courts now to try and get the decision overruled.

The protest was mentioned in the indie today and on Sky news and Fox last night.

Indie Gordon Brown and his "friend" King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia shook hands yesterday outside No 10 Downing Street.
It may not make the Brown family photograph album but Mr Brown put on a brave smile. No matter that Labour MPs were protesting outside the Saudi Arabian embassy a few hours later at the red-carpet treatment for the "dictator" of a "corrupt regime.

Here are a couple of Pics and there are some more here

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