Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pope Slags Off Gays Shcoker

The Pope is obviously intent on spreading goodwill to all men - except the ones who fancy other men. In his Christmas address, the former Hiltler Youth member tells us that homosexuality is as much a threat to humanity as climate change.

The Pontiff and/or his advisers seem to have realised that directly attacking LGBT people as sinful is somewhat passe and may attract criticism, so tried to code the message. But everyone knew what he meant when he said the church viewed the distinction between men and women as central to human nature, and asked "that this order, set down by creation, be respected". He said that the church "should protect man from the destruction of himself" and that a sort of ecology of man was needed, adding: "The tropical forests do deserve our protection; but man, as a creature, does not deserve any less." He attacked what he described as "gender" theories which "lead towards the self-emancipation of man from creation and the creator". Oh, and lifelong wedlock between a man and a woman is like "the sacrament of creation". And sexual behaviour beyond that between a man and a woman is a "destruction of God's work".

Even the Daily Telegraph accepts that the comments will be perceived as anti-gay. It does, however, seem more concerned that the Pope has been a little naive in saying such things given how prone the homosexual lobby is to over-reaction.

The odd thing is that anyone other than the Pope who came out with this kind of ridiculous nonsense would be instantly dismissed as some eccentric babbler who deserves no attention whatsoever. But because a bunch of other eccentric babblers decided he was God's spokesman on Earth, somehow his bigoted views are broadcast worldwide as though they deserve some kind of credibility.

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