Monday, May 04, 2009

Women in Sport: two notable events today

We don't do sport very often here on Stroppyblog, but since I mentioned blokes' footy last weekend, I could not let today go past without mentioning a couple of notable events involving women in sport. We are a socialist feminist blog after all.

First up, Michaela Tabb is today (and yesterday) the first woman to referee snooker's World Championship final. And yes, the Daily Mail is on hand to tell us how much she spends on tops and accessories.

And Arsenal have just beaten Sunderland 2-1 to win the FA Women's Cup. One of BBC Radio Five Live's pundits was speculating as to why the Wearside team had changed its name to Sunderland Women from Sunderland Ladies, and was reliably informed that it was the result of a merger with another club. I wonder when any radio rent-a-quote will speculate as to why the other Sunderland team are not called Sunderland Gentlemen?!

Anyway, both these events seemed to merit a mention more than the thirtieth anniversary of the election of Britain's first woman Prime Minister, which is also today. Sod that.

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