Monday, July 27, 2009

"GUILTY AND PROUD OF IT!" - Janine's book launch

Last Wednesday I went along to the launch of Janine's book, "GUILTY AND PROUD OF IT - POPLAR'S REBEL COUNCILLORS AND GUARDIANS 1919-25. "

It was hosted by Thompson's . There was a mix of Janine's family, John McDonnell, Bob Crow, some Lansbury's , comrades in the RMT and myself and Dave from the blogosphere.

I got there a little late and so caught the end of the solicitor from Thompson's introducing the book and mentioning Stroppyblog, which also gets a mention on the back cover:-)

John, who wrote the forward, spoke and emphasised that Janine not only detailed the story but made the connections with  today and the lessons to be learned. Janine then gave an overview of the story, complete with PowerPoint, ably assisted by her son Alex.

I filmed John and Janine speaking. Apologies as its not great as I was a bit too far away, so you can't see the pics on the PowerPoint. Bob Crow also spoke, but my arm was getting tired holding the mobile, so no film of him.

It was a good night and after the launch myself, Dave and Janine met up with Clive in a pub to carry on the celebrations.

I have a copy of the book and its on my to read pile. Check out John and Janine below , for a feel for the book. It sounds very relevant and interesting. Well done to Janine for her hard work !

Below videos. Again , apologies as the sound is low and filmed from standing at the back. It might also be a bit wobbly, but my arm was getting tired !

John McDonnell:

Janine :

The book can be ordered here.

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