Monday, September 07, 2009

Its not Friday, but how about Monday evening Fuckwit !

Without in any way associating with the mayor I have no quarrel with the Taliban, things are generally acknowledged to have been better under their watch than they are now. They are indisputably a lot more popular than they have ever been and have the imperialist invaders on their knees which they are only able to do precisely because their support is increasing.
I really wish that there was a better organisation to support in Afganistan but at the moment the Taliban seem to be the only game in town and while some of you may be troubled by the fact that they aren't exactly a gender obsessed discussion group they should be supported until something better comes along.

My response :No they aren't a gender obsessed discussion group, they are about action. Violence against women, killing teachers who teach girls, throwing acid in girls faces for daring to get an education, beating women who do not cover themselves etc etc.

You really are a shit...but then you're not a woman or girl facing that are you ? Ra ra the anti imperialists and tough if you're female and want to work, get an education and be an equal citizen and not the property of men .

With people like you no wonder many people are turned away from the left, when they see them defend such barbaric practices against women , never mind LGBT people.

I don't support their more reactionary elements. The primary aim is the military defeat of imperialism, fluffy issues can be sorted later when the conditions on the ground would be more conducive than they are at the moment.
What about having your weddings, homes, schools, hospitals and villages free from savage attacks from the occupying forces.
Ill bet they have murdered more innocent people than the Taliban ever have.
We can't be picky who to support here. You either support the resistance, of which the Taliban area part but not the only people involved or you side with imperialism, there is no sitting on the fence here.

My response :*****, you can't seperate the 'more reactionary elements".

Read this

and tell me what is fluffy ?

What is fluffy about a woman being able to leave the house without permission from a man, a girl to get an education? What is fluffy about not having acid throw in your face for going to schools? You talk about abuse of children, does this include girls under the Taliban?

The very fact that you dismiss the lives of these women and girls and the abuse , violence and oppression they face under the Taliban as fluffy shows underneath it all , you don't really care.

You really cannot imagine what life is like for these women, both under the Taliban and occupation, that you dismiss it as 'fluffy'.

You think the Taliban can be persuaded if they gain power?? Naive in the extreme.

My enemies enemy is not my friend of women in Afghanistan.

The left, or those that give a damn about women rather than macho posturing from the comfort of ******, should support those women facing oppression under the occupation. Should highlight the fact that the invasion has not liberated them , support them in their fight and be critical of the Taliban.

Guess who the fuckwit is .