Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love Marmite, Hate the BNP

Marmite may bankrupt the BNP:

Nick Griffin's racist BNP is facing financial ruin after featuring Marmite in an election broadcast.
The party was hit with a massive claim - estimated at up to £170,000 - over the TV stunt, in which leader Griffin was pictured beside a huge jar of the spread. The party then showed a jar of Marmite - slogan "Love it or hate it" - with its own motto "Love Britain Vote BNP".

Griffin claimed he intended the film as a humorous dig at Marmite, who he believed had mocked the BNP in their online and TV ads featuring a "Love Party" and their rivals the "Hate Party", whose leader appeared to be loosely based on Griffin.

But bosses at Marmite makers Unilever were furious at the BNP broadcast and began High Court proceedings for breach of copyright. BNP caved in and the amount claimed is put by insiders at between £70,000 and £170,000.


Former National Organiser Eddy Butler has said the BNP is "on the brink of bankruptcy".

Hat tip Matt on Facebook.