Monday, November 05, 2007

Corbera d'Ebre - reminder of the Spanish Civil War

I have just come back from visiting a comrade in Corbera d'Ebre and I fell in love with the place. It is fantastic - a little village in the Terre d'Alta of the Catalan region of Spain, everyone has their own land to grow vegetables and fruit and those without land are allocated a council owned horta or allotment. At this time of year peppers, aubergenes and tomatoes are still growing, it is fantastic. And EVERYONE speaks to EVERYONE - you would not want to be in a hurry in Corbera d'Ebre as as soon as you see some one you know (in a village of 1000 people, thats everyone) you have to chat.
But the thing that struck me was the reminders of the Spanish Cival War - I have read about in books, watched telly programmes, one of my favourite books is Homage to Catalonia and of course I have seen Land and Freedom but seeing a village that was decimated by Franco is something else - there is nothing there except rumble - the old village has been preserved and a new village was built. I was actually quite shocked by it, Corbera d@Ebre , a republican strong hold held out as long as it could the neighbouring town Gandesa was pro-Franco (which was not bombed) helped destroy the little village.
Here's a wee you tube of the village - the old village is up the hill and the new village is down the hill.
I hope to go back soon