Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Chocolate fountains !!

Now I'm no Nigella, as many of you may have guessed by now . I don't have lots of gadgets . I was made to buy a potato peeler by a horrified Dave, who is currently concerned that I have only one bowl in the whole of my flat for cereal, soup etc. I used to have four, fuck knows where they went to. More bowls, along with a bin for the kitchen and much more, are on my to buy list.Life is too short for worrying about bowls.

Anyway , given all that I was interested to read this :

Last year we spent £625m on kitchen gadgets, according to GfK Marketing Services, including more than £8m on chocolate fountains alone, up 240% on the previous two years.

Am I missing something? Is this just me or is this a lot of money spent on chocolate fountains ? Is this what all well equipped kitchens have these days ?

Anyone got one of them?

They do sound fun. I'm sure there are lots of uses for melted chocolate , much more fun than a potato peeler ;-)