Monday, January 28, 2008

Demo in Glasgow

Anne Widdecombe and David Alton visited Glasgow on 23rd January to discuss the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, the leaflet went on about human hybrids, the end of fatherhood and increased abortions. Quite alarmist that one bill could cause so much mayhem.

They and the audience were welcomed by over 150 students, socialists – a good turnout from Glasgow University Socialist Students - and pro-choice campaigners. The protest outside was probably jollier and livelier than the mumbo jumbo inside about doom and gloom about the decline of the family,the abolishment of daddies, irresponsible women and the horror of human-animal hybrids, a futuristic nightmare – no wonder they looked so horrified as they had to face a gauntlet of protesters demanding no going back to the backstreets.

The demonstration though mostly made up of women had great support from men to who over enthusiastically joined in with the slogan “our bodies, our lives, our right to decide” but it was an act of solidarity with their sisters as opposed to men demanding control of women’s bodies.

Those going into the meeting sort of blanked us and had to walk through a gauntlet which I have to say was quite intimidating. There was some pushing and shoving but nothing serious. The police were not really that interested and never intervened.

I wrote an article some years ago on abortion here it is if you are interested

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