Friday, January 25, 2008

Pants On Fire

In this week’s Weekly Worker (page 4), Peter Manson writes: "Talking of [Respect] Renewal ... it is well known that Galloway is more than keen to stand candidates for the GLA. However, I hear that talks with Bob Crow and a number of other interested parties are proceeding reasonably well and it [is] quite possible that they will announce a common list."

The truth is that Bob Crow has not even spoken to George Galloway for more than 18 months, since a rally against East London Line privatisation in Mile End to which The Gorgeous One arrived in a particularly flash motor.

Which suggests that either Galloway is ‘flying a kite’ by allowing untruths to circulate (which we could never believe of someone of the integrity of Mr GG), or the Weekly Worker is being slapdash in its regard for printing facts rather than uninformed speculation.

The previous issue of the Weekly Worker begged us to help it to survive and grow, lauding the paper’s irreplaceable services to the left amidst rather dull descriptions of the demise of its printing machine. If this is the ‘service’ it provides to the left, then I for one will not be digging deep for its appeal.

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