Thursday, January 17, 2008

Facebook Scrabble under threat

I'll admit I have a bit of an addictive/obsessive personality. My latest thing is facebook scrabble, I love it. I play with a few bloggers such as Phil, Noel,Jim, John and Mike. Sometimes we chat and gossip as well, mostly though I just want a game.

There is also a facility where people put up that they are looking for someone to play with, specifying speed, type, general level etc. I sometimes find a game there to get my fix.
Some people use that for a little more than just scrabble .On the notes put up last night there were a few gentlemen looking for 'hot chat' as they put it. Here are some of their specifications for a scrabble partner:

Women wanting FUN! H O R N Y women only...mature preferred..say Hi to acknowledge! NO MEN!!!

girls (20-30) who relish and lead d*rty chat only. otherwise will delete

looking for ladies who want some extra hot hot STEAMY fun!!

Naughty girls only....

Naughty/Busty Women ONLY.. - for a Fun game and some naughty chat! :). No experts please. (Say Hi if you read this).


looking to play a female with D cups or better

One guy stated he wanted to know cup size and if the woman lost they had to send him a picture of their breasts.

Hmmm. I just wanted a game of scrabble and I had no intention of flashing my tits on Facebook !! And no, I have never answered one of these scrabble requests. The only 'chat' I do is politics and gossip with the bloggies.

Given this there looks like being some scrabble addicts facing withdrawal symptoms soon :

The makers of Scrabble have asked Facebook to remove Scrabulous, a popular version of the game, from its website.

In a move that has drawn protests from online fans of the game worldwide, the toymakers Hasbro and Mattel are pressuring the social networking site to ditch Scrabulous because, they argue, it infringes their copyright.

The Facebook application – which users can add to the personal profiles they create on the site – is hugely popular. About 600,000 users play the game online every day.

Many, including the promoters of Scrabble tournaments, have credited Facebook with prompting a renaissance of the word game among young people. Another Facebook user, from London, wrote: “How ridiculous! Scrabulous had massively raised the profile of Scrabble, rendering it actually quite cool (where it was once seen as rather geeky).”

Ahhh, my addiction, what will I do. And those men looking for busty babes to talk dirty over the Scrabble with will have to go back to their 'chat lines' !

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