Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mariah Carey plays a 'dowdy' social worker ...arghhh

There are very few films or TV programmes showing social workers in the way there are for nurses, doctors or the police . So news of a mainstream film focusing on a social worker should be good news? Well lets just say the words "Mariah Carey playing a social worker" made my hear sink. But it gets worse as she has to look dowdy for this role . Well of course she does, all social workers are dowdy just like all feminists are ugly!

The singer cum actress is transformed in her new film role Previous where she plays a make-up free, dowdy social worker.

Carey, 39, who had to put weight on for the role, looks almost unrecognisable, sporting an unflattering blouse and jacket with scruffy brown hair.

In the film, which is due out in the U.S. later this year, she plays the downtrodden character Mrs Weiss, a Harlem social worker assigned to an obese, HIV-positive woman who was impregnated twice by her father.

The Grammy winner is hoping to earn respect for the gritty role after previous movie flops, including her quasi-biography role in Glitter (2001) which was panned by critics.

Yeah all social workers are dowdy and couldn't possibly be attractive . Not that there is anything wrong with someone looking like the description given, but its all so stereotyped.

For the record when I was a social worker I never wore flowery peasant skirts, dangly earrings , long brown hair and Birkenstock sandals(often seen as the uniform of social workers) or wore other dowdy clothes. Those I worked alongside were as varied as the rest of the population. 

Oh for Meryl Streep in the role.