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Hopi v LRC cricket and social fundraisers 1st August

Right, another plug.

This Saturday there is the social events of the season, well for assorted lefties that is. Yep, forget Ascot or Wimbledon, check out:

Some of the finest sportsmen and women will be donning their whites, well tatty t-shirts and shorts I expect, and raising money for Iranian workers:

Hands Off the People of Iran play the Labour Representation Committee in 30 overs of cricket with John McDonnell MP and Attila the Stockbroker leading the two teams - all in order to raise as much money as possible for the Iranian workers' movement.
We have set ourselves the target of 1,000 pounds but are quietly confident that we can ago well above this if we put our minds to it and draw in as many of our vast supporters as possible. Such funds are absolutely central to our comrades in Iran organizing in the most difficult of situations and now facing a hugely repressive crackdown on their protests and rallies.
This is why it is absolutely vital that the workers’ movement in this country organizes material and ideological solidarity. The working class needs its own foreign policy linking the workers’, women’s and students’ struggles in Iran with those in this country and elsewhere. 
So, we need need your help to get this event off the ground and to hopefully make it so successful that there will be many similar events for years to come!

Details here .

The almost final line up is :


1.Attila Stockbroker (c) (HOPI Brighton)
2.Ben Lewis (CPGB) All-Rounder
3.Jack Howe (DEMO, Nottingham) Fast Bowler
4.Sunny Hundal (Pickled Politics) All-Rounder
5.Matt Sellwood (Green Party) Batsman
6.Natalie Bennett (Green Party) All-Rounder
7.Martin Jones (HOPI Chesterfield) Off Spin
8.Jamie Moloney(wk) (Chair, HOPI King's College)
9. Robert Shrew (HOPI London) Leg Spin
10. John Sidwell (Communist Students) All-Rounder
11. Rosie Isaac (Socialist Party)


1.John McDonnell MP (c) (LRC Chair) All-Rounder
2. Rory Macqueen (LRC national committee) Leg Spin
3. Tom Davies ( LRC and NUJ) All-Rounder
4.Sean McNeill (wk) (LRC and Unite) Batsman
5.Andrew Fisher (LRC NC and Unite) Batsman
6.Mary Partington (LRC NC and Unite)
7.John Wiseman (LRC and Unite) Medium Pace Bowler
8.Joe Flynn (LRC and NUT) Leg Spin
9.John Millington (LRC and Morning Star)
10.Sam Tarry (Young Labour Chair and Compass)
11.Tom Neilson (LRC and NW Leics Labour) All-Rounder
12.Ian McGovern (LRC)

I think there are a few more to be added, but given I have never watched a cricket match in my life and do not know the rules I have no idea how many should be on a team. Or for that matter what a leg spin or fast bowler is!
As you can see its a good mix of  the left . John McDonnell is captaining the LRC and I have heard he is a bit  handy with a cricket bat. Hmm. Nice to see a mix of women and men playing as well.

Well as someone who is a member of both the LRC and Hopi I'm not fussed who wins. I'm not sure how exciting watching cricket is , but there will be booze , food and good company. Oh and who knows , Marsha Jane may liven up the proceedings , and not in her usual way, by going into labour two weeks early! 

In the evening there is a Hopi fundraising social in the classy surroundings of the Dalston Social Centre. Its so close to Dave's that I'll be able to prise him away from his books and get him down there. That plus the threat of bringing round a load of drunk lefties to invade his flat if he doesn't. 

Details here .

Help will be needed on the day, such as making tea and pouring pints (I do hope they will have some Pims !), or helping on the door in the evening. Donations of food or raffle prizes are also most welcome.

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