Sunday, January 21, 2007

Drunk and unmanageable - the inaugural meeting of the (legendary!!) Jim D fan club ...

Last night was the first leftie bloggers piss up which took place in a grotty pub in Euston. The roll call of dishonour included JimD, Volty, Mike, Jon, Andrew, Marsha Jane, Tammy, George, Janine, John, Kit and Dave.

Guest of honour was Jim D with his minder Volty, who Dave now knows is not his girlfriend. Volty did a good job of keeping track of where Jim left his bag and finding it when lost, intervening when Jim banged the table to hard and ranted at poor old John and then escorting him back to Brum . Volty is indeed a hero, and not as also said by certain SWP comrades, Jim D's bitch.

Jim, well what can I say. He came very very close to both a slap and having drink poured over him , more of that later. Once he got over the upset of Louise not being there ('which one are you? Not Louise, ohh :-( ) he got into the swing of arguing with everyone . He insisted of buying me JDs and I had to eventually insist he let me buy him one. But then he veered on very dangerous territory and patted my head and called me doll. Yep, he came very close to a slap ! Do that again Jim and I will .
At various points in the evening the table would shake as Jim banged his fist down on it. I believe Volty may have captured this on his mobile for youtube consumption. Volty, if you have it send me a copy and I'll post it here.

Jim was also the focus of Mikes' attention. There is a photo on Kits mobile (one of five he had in his 'manbag') of Mike kissing the back of Jim's head. We were though spared Andrew and Jon snogging, which allegedly happened the last time they got drunk together, but more later on that topic.

By the end of the evening there was much hugging, I blame it on the alcohol. At one point this turned into a group hug (or a rugby scrum) and an impromptu rendition of the 'internationale'. We did at this point get close to being thrown out.

Jon arrived late but had started on the vino earlier and was soon in the spirit of things. Later on, on route to a Nepalese Restauant he was shouting 'I was born a trot and I shall die a Trot' in response to jibes that he was a reformist. Osler was shouting back 'bollocks'. But then bless, the excitment must have all be to much and Jon nodded off to sleep in the restaurant.
I will later this year be backing the Jon4MP campaign in Brighton:-)

Earlier in the day there was a discussion on Kits site about whether there were any 'fit' and well dressed men on the left and I offered to judge on this at the drinks. On arriving at the pub my heart sank and as more turned up it did not get any better. I think Stroppyblog could offer a sort of leftie 'Trinny and Susannah' service. Shall I name and shame? Well perhaps I will allude and leave people here to draw their own conclusions. I think there were a number of 'styles', I use that word loosely, ranging from 1970's Trade Union official through to 'what's washing powder/soap/an iron' and the colourful. But bless, they were all lovable in there own ways. Of course I have to say Dave was the best dressed , he should be the amount of time he spends in front of the mirror. Well I am biased.

There were a number of 'competitions' last night, such as fittest left bloke through to who is the biggest male tart. This last group had a short list of three. Comrades Osler, Berry and Rogers. I think Dave had the edge due to age but Andrew was catching up fast.

There probably was some serious conversation but I don't really recall it. In amongst who was a tart, who had snogged Jon Rogers , Kit and John wanted myself and Dave to adopt them. Hmmm. They did prove quite hard to get rid of. After the drinks Jon, Andrew, MarshaJane, Dave, Kit, John and myself went for a meal. Then our 'adopted sons' ended up back at Chez Osler for further drinks and to listen to the tales of Dave ('In my day'...) way past what should have been their bedtimes.

The following morning we took them out for brunch and they returned back to the flat. Couldn't get rid of them. It was bad enough when they all started talking about how comfy slippers were, but when the talk turned to sugar production in Cuba that was enough and I sent them home. Yep, I'm not just not the maternal type.

Dave has some pics on his mobile but has lost the cable to download it. No one could work out how to text on his phone either. So sorry no pics.

Looking forward to the next piss up. Over to Kit, the bloggers social secretary. But pick a pub that does not run out of JD next time ...

Update: The pic of Mike kissing the back of Jim D's head is to be found on John A's site. Not sure why I thought Kit had the pic...too much JD (thats Jack Daniels not Jim Denham !!).